Favorability of the day
We tell you the favorability rating of the day based on your birth chart in the form of 'Green,' 'Amber,' and 'Red' days.
Green days are for growth and action, Amber for caution, and Red for restraint. It's like having a daily weather forecast for your life.
Personalized Moments
We divide your day into 'Moments,' each with its own favorability.
90-Day Planner
You can use the Planner to plan ahead and strategize for the future. It helps you identify all your Green, Amber, Red Days and Moments including 'Golden Moments' on a 90-day planner. This feature can be a game-changer for scheduling important events or tasks.
Cosmic Timeline
Look at your Cosmic Weather Map with the Cosmic Timeline Graph which gives you a birds eye view of the peaks and troughs of the day, the high points to fly and the low points to doze - making planning your day much easier.
Sail through the highs and lows of the day with a vedic toolkit of personalized practical rituals and tips equipping you to deal with any moment. These rituals can enhance your life experiences, combat difficult times and help you stay in sync with the universe.
Real-Time Planetary
Stay cosmically connected with align27's real-time planetary Insights, providing you with live updates on both short and long-term planetary positions and their impact on your horoscope and life.
Unlock Relationship Insights with our Together feature, which combines your birth chart with those of your loved ones or colleagues.
Manage time like a pro
We've got you pro enthusiasts covered with Advanced Rituals and Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak and Ascendant shown on a real-time grid.
I Tried an Astrology App to See if I can Achieve my Career Goals
It feels like having a secret superpower in my pocket or a unique roadmap to guide me toward my goals.
Enhance Intuition and Emotions with Magic Moon Rituals
In the realm of Vedic wisdom, the moon is revered as one of the most influential celestial bodies, affecting not only the tides but also human emotions and consciousness.

Let's explore the magic of the Moon and delve into ten new moon and full moon rituals that can be practiced to deepen our connection with the Moon and elevate our intuitive selves.
  • The Role of the Moon
  • A Karmic Indicator - The Moon In Your Chart
  • The Moon as Protector and Nurturer
  • Harness the Mystical Influence of the Moon and its Energies Through Rituals
Don't just take our word for it
"Clever and insightful. This astrology app has much to offer. The calculations and predictions are helpful in planning your future focus."
- Frederik
"I started using this app a year ago and have come to really depend on it. I can see the difference it makes in my productivity."
- Sammy
"I enjoy getting all the important information about my astrology at the tip of my hands. It's very helpful to plan my important work according to the right times."
- Mariana
"It is a fantastic tool to have. In the most easy way it hands out to me how I could make the best of my time today. It has become an important and essential part of my personal existence!"
- Shannon
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How can I learn more about Vedic Astrology?

At blog.align27.com you can find astrology articles, current transits, rituals and guides to deepen your understanding.

If you would like to take a course in Vedic Astrology you can check out these recommended courses : https://www.cosmicinsightsshop.com/collections/course

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