How Favorable Is Your Day - Green, Amber or Red?

A world-first cosmic traffic light system to help you determine how ‘favourable’ your day will be, to make daily decisions and plan ahead.

Use your 1,440 minutes wisely

Another world-first personalized time graph, using thousands of ancient techniques behind the scenes, to give precise and accurate life-transforming guidance every minute of the day front of house.

Timing is everything

See highlights of key moments in your day: ‘Golden’ for power moments, ‘Productive’ for action moments & ‘Silence’ for lay low moments

Your Vedic toolkit

Sail through the highs & lows of the day with personalized rituals for every moment.

Manage time like a pro

Dig deeper into Hora, Panchapakshi, Panchak and Panchang to make even more precise and informed decisions via the Timing Grid.

Planetary Insights

See personalized real-time daily insights, for yesterday, today, tomorrow and predictions based on planetary transits and your birth chart as well as a personality and behavioral profile for you and your loved ones.

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